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Alison Trick-Thornton 
Alison Trick-Thornton, CMT, is a certified massage therapist, aromatherapist, botanical perfumer and herbalist. Alison has more than 25 years experience with Aromatherapy and with the use of essential oils in the European traditions, including the British (topical and olfactory), German (medicinal), and French (internal). She also works in the Indian (Ayurvedic) and in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) systems. She holds certificates in Aromatherapy from Kurt Schnaubelt, Jeanne Rose, David Crow, and the Dhyana Centers Clinical Ayurvedic Aromatherapy program. After studying with Jeffrey Yuen, Gabriel Mojay, Peter Holmes and Deanna Batdorff and becoming certified in their techniques, Alison began
working with essential oils for healing the Shen (Sprit, Mind, Heart, Consciousness). Today, her practice focuses on placing essential oil on acupuncture and Marma points with gentle touch. Acu-Aromatherapy is a non-invasive technique without needles. The points utilized are beneficial for healing the body and calming the mind. Alison works with a particular
emphasis on easing stress, anxiety, and insomnia, and with conditions as serious as depression and PTSD. Children, too, can benefit safely from essential oils, including ADHD, anxiety and eating disorders. She creates therapeutic essential oil blends for viral and bacterial infections, including Shingle outbreaks and MERSA; for skin conditions, such as hematomas, scarring and wrinkles; and to improve women’s
health conditions, including menopause, hot flashes, menstrual cramps and PMS. Aromotherapy used on a daily basis and applied while in the shower can strengthen the immune system.
Alison navigated childhood by keeping her nose in fragrant flowers. As a teenager she continued this exploration while living in Europe where she was introduced to floral waters and colognes. There, she developed her lifelong love of scent and perfume. Later, while pursuing this passion, she
studied botanical/natural perfumery with Eva-Marie Lind, Mandy Aftel and Lisa Camasi. She looks forward to making custom perfumes with her clients. Alison is passionate about the ability of essential oils to improve her clients' lives by creating more joy in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. She will continue teaching Aromatherapy and botanical perfumery classes. She feels privileged and grateful to be joining Karin Uphoff and Thaïs Mazur at MIND BODY MEDICINE in Mendocino, California.
To make an appointment she can be reached at (cell) 707-357-3344 or (landline) 707 937-0422 . Or send her an email at www.thorntonbotanicals.com http://www.thorntonbotanicals.com/shapeimage_4_link_0